Direct trade vs fair trade

For the past few years there has been a lot of discussion about how to help producers in developing countries improve trading conditions. The answer seemed to be fair trade, an organised social movement based on paying “fairer” prices to producers from developing countries. But is fair trade really the solution to improving trading conditions, or should we look elsewhere?

»Instant solutions appealing to users being sought«

Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Boštjan Makarovič commented on the European Commission’s plans to harmonize European telecoms prices for the Slovene newspaper Delo. Such harmonisation could have as a consequence a lack of investment and the downfall of small operators, agrees Makarovič.

Study: Europeans flocking to Wi-Fi, spectrum needed to meet rising demand

A new EU study on the impact of traffic off-loading and related technological trends on the demand for wireless broadband spectrum has shown that people are flocking to use Wi-Fi internet. With the trend set to continue, the study recommends that extra spectrum be made available for Wi-Fi across Europe to support the momentum.