Electronic devices to be allowed on EU flights

Some would say – finally! The European Commission introduced new rules that will allow wireless communication technology to be used on board aircrafts flying over EU. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will publish guidelines soon which will extend to all phases of flight the possibility to use personal electronic devices, as long as the devices are in “flight mode” like smart-phones and tablets.

Two steps forward to an integrated EU energy market

The potential for an integrated European energy market has been a key priority for the European Union and an important topic for the Lithuanian EU Council Presidency. In order to accomplish a fully connected energy market, efforts have been made to put in place the right regulatory and infrastructure conditions.

Are consumers willing to pay the sustainability premium? Latest Apahia study

Have you ever wondered if it pays to source cocoa and coffee in a sustainable way? In Aphaia we asked ourselves the exact same question and have prepared a white paper on whether consumers are indeed willing to pay a sustainability premium. Find out more in this article and see how you can buy the complete report for only £199!

Aphaia in Delo: commitments would lower the selling price of Telekom Slovenije

Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Dr Boštjan Makarovič reviewed for the Delo newspaper the proposal by the Slovene Minister of education, science and sport Jernej Pikalo to introduce to the purchase contract of the Slovene incumbent operator Telekom Slovenije a provision stating that any potential buyers must further develop the operator.