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The 3 true reasons behind the European ‘broadband lottery’

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March 31, 2014

Appalling broadband price differences have long been the reality for anyone moving home across Europe, even between places as close as the UK and Belgium. So have been the differences in broadband quality, speed and coverage. This ‘geographic lottery’ for broadband has been confirmed by the European Commission in their latest study.

Another review of the European Commission Relevant Markets Recommendation – from economic regulation to dogma?

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March 3, 2014

In 2003, European Commission believed there were 18 relevant telecoms product markets susceptible for ex ante regulation across Europe. In 2007, the number went down to 7. According to the 2014 edition of the Commission Recommendation on Relevant Markets for Electronic Communications Networks and Services that are susceptible to ex ante regulatory measures, we should be left with only 4 relevant markets. Is this a true reflection of a gradual shift to a fully competitive market for electronic communications networks and services, or a ritual with limited market effects?

Aphaia’s third ebook is out! Read about the sustainability premium in chocolate and coffee.

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April 22, 2014

We are extremely pleased to announce that after our ebook on the role of renewable energy on the EU energy market and our ebook on the new EU Electronic Communications Regulatory Framework proposal, Aphaia has now published its third ebook on the sustainability premium in chocolate and coffee.

EU regulatory case law: March 2014

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April 5, 2014

In this issue of Aphaia’s monthly series on EU regulatory case law find out more abot the latest European regulatory case law from March 2014 in the field of information society and competition: