CSR strategy and sustainability reporting


From environmental to social corporate responsibility, we can help your business not only get on a more sustainable path but also benefit from it. Our proprietary CSR web tool provides a wide choice of environmental and social sustainability action points, puts them in the context of your industry best practices, and enables their evaluation from the company costs and benefits (CBA) point of view.


Based on this, we can build your CSR strategy and put together your sustainability report, which you can publish in line with the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive.

csr corporate social responsibility aphaia infographic

Our CSR service comprises the following:

  • The benchmarking of your sustainable business plan against your competitors
  • The evaluation of business impact of your planned CSR action points (CBA)
  • Using your chosen action points to develop a sustainable business strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of your CSR strategy
  • Assistance with the preparation of your CSR report. Its content can be aligned with the requirements of the new EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive.

Check out how we helped Montecristi Chocolate Ecuador get the best out of thei sustainability efforts in our case study or visit our Knowledge Centre to learn why Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) should pay more attention to CSR and sustainability if they want to compete with large MNEs who are currently putting themselves forward as the leaders in sustainable business.


from £1,200 plus VAT

We help you build a sustainable business strategy for your company and then help you prepare a corporate social responsibility report, all using our proprietary CSR web tool