Aphaia at the 2014 London FTTx Summit Europe – speaker Dr Bostjan Makarovic

Speaking at the FTTx Summit Europe that is taking place this week in London, I will be presenting innovative views on superfast broadband policy and regulation.

In particular, I will argue that the current “copper to fibre” policies in place around Europe are insufficient for the continent to retake the global lead in fixed telecoms. Regardless of all the policy efforts by the European Commission, including fixing the price of copper until 2020, the transition to FTTH still takes place at a snail’s pace.

As an alternative, I will be proposing an incentive-based dynamic pricing system, resembling CPI-X price caps that were once used to set tariffs for monopoly telephone services, but tailored to the specific target of replacing legacy copper networks with new, FTTH-based NGA networks.


Bostjan Makarovic

Bostjan Makarovic

Bostjan Makarovic is Aphaia's Founder. In addition to 14 years of industry experience, he holds Queen Mary, University of London PhD in legal regulation of NGN, London School of Economics and Political Science MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation, and is IAPP-certified international privacy professional (CIPP/E).
Bostjan Makarovic

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