Apahia: ECTEL conference

Boštjan Makarovič, Aphaia’s Chief Consultant attended the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority’s regional conference on the draft Electronic Communications Bill. Read about the event and see pictures from the conference after the jump.

The conference dealt with the reform of the telecommunications legislation of the Eastern Caribbean states covered by ECTEL as a supranational regulator.

Special attention was paid to the issues of competition law in telecoms, the relationship between national regulators and the pan-Caribbean regulator, as well as to convergence and its influence on the regulation of telecommunications activities.


Apahia_ECTEL conference_picture 1

Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Boštjan Makarovič and ITU consultants Karen Stephen-Dalton and Sofie Maddens Toscano.

Apahia_ECTEL conference_picture 2

Boštjan Makarovič and David Cox, General Counsel of ECTEL


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