Aphaia to speak at the 2012 FTTx Eastern Europe conference

Dr Boštjan Makarovič, Aphaia’s Chief Consultant, is to speak at the FTTx Summit Eastern Europe conference that is taking place in Budapest between 18 and 21 September 2012.

Dr Makarovič is to speak on Day One of the FTTx Summit Eastern Europe Conference on 19 September.

He will discuss the prospects of sustainable competition in the light of investment in NGA networks, with a view to the endless dilemma between infrastructure and service competition, and focusing on the current coverage targets of the Digital Agenda for Europe. He will address regulatory dilemmas related to investment, open access, functional separation and the creation of a NetCo instead of a vertically integrated incumbent.

Dr Makarovič  will also be chairing Day Two of this central NGA event for telecoms business community in Central and Eastern Europe.

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