Pravna praksa magazine: New Slovenian Electronic Communications Act – a local spin on the EU regulatory framework

In the latest issue of the Slovene legal magazine Pravna Praksa Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Dr Boštjan Makarovič writes about the new Slovenian Electronic Communications Act.

Communication propels social movement forward and it is clear that public policy in telecommunications is key for economic development, writes Dr Makarovič in his article New Electronic Communications Act – a local spin on the EU regulatory framework, adding that in Slovenia there exists no such policy.

Market development has thus far consisted of a combination of telecom operators’ initiatives, taking advantage of European funds, and the Post and Electronic Communications Agency’s pro-competition remedies, with the latter implementation of EU telecoms legislation in Slovenia always featuring a local ‘expert’ spin. The same can be said for the draft of the new Electronic Communications Act, adds Makarovič.


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Ursa Primozic

Ursa Primozic

Ursa Primozic has been with Aphaia since its foundation. With several years of experience within the telecommunications sector, she is in charge of communications management and media policy and regulation analysis.
Ursa Primozic

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