Data Privacy Day 2013: enabling trust and meeting the challenges of the digital age

Today, 28 January 2013 is the annual Data Protection Day, known as ‘Data Privacy Day’ outside of Europe.  On this day events are held around the world to recognize the importance of privacy for our fundamental freedoms.

In the United States and Canada this year’s Data Privacy Day is organized under the theme “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust”. It is led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, a non-profit, public private partnership focused on cyber security education for all online citizens.

The kick-off 2013 Data Privacy Day event will be broadcast live by Facebook, and the best-selling digital citizenship book ‘lol…OMG!’ helping high school students manage their online reputation has been made available for free between 25 and 29 January.

In Europe the European Privacy and Data Protection Day has seen the organisation of several events, many of them focusing on the EU reform of data protection legislation.

The European Commission has adopted proposals for updating European data protection rules to meet the challenges of the digital age. From 11 AM CET the European Commission will answer questions from Twitter users (under the hashtags #EUdataP and #EUchat) on data privacy issues, and talk about the proposed reform.


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