Aphaia at FTTx Summit 2013: resolving the rural FTTx investment gridlock

Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Dr Boštjan Makarovič spoke today at the IQPC FTTx Summit Europe 2013 conference in Berlin about the policy and regulatory options of resolving the European rural FTTx investment gridlock.

In his presentation Dr Makarovič outlined the main points underpinning the latest European Commission proposal of stimulating access fibre investment and the pitfalls of overly relying on pricing regulation as means of spurring NGA investment.

He pointed at the latest Aphaia White Paper ‘Resolving the European Rural Fibre Investment Gridlock’, developed in cooperation with Ventura Team, that features an optimal strategy for developing high speed-broadband in the rural areas of Slovenia, an example of a country with early mass market FTTH investment and competition that, however, remained limited to urban areas.


Aphaia at the FTTx 2013 conference


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