Monthly Round Up: July 2013

This month in the news:

  • Do you know how spam works?
  • A new Microsoft pilot will use TV white spaces and solar-powered base stations to provide low-cost wireless broadband access to five secondary schools in remote parts of the rural South African Limpopo province.
  • South Koreans paid the most for mobile phones in 2012 at an average of € 312 per device, way above the world average of € 125.
  • Douglas Adams’ dream come true: Google plans to turn phones into “universal translators”, allowing owners to speak into a device in one language, while the person they are calling hears it in their mother tongue.
  • The father of the computer mouse passes away in California.
  • Is there a correlation between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and use of mobile gadgets?
  • To celebrate George Owell’s 110th birthday, two Dutch artists took to the streets of Utrecht to put party hats on CCTV cameras in an attempt to draw attention to the culture of surveillance in modern cities.
  • According to the International Energy Agency, renewable energy sources will collectively overtake gas as the world’s second-largest source of energy by the end of this decade.

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