Aphaia in Delo: commitments would lower the selling price of Telekom Slovenije

Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Dr Boštjan Makarovič reviewed for the Delo newspaper the proposal by the Slovene Minister of education, science and sport Jernej Pikalo to introduce to the purchase contract of the Slovene incumbent operator Telekom Slovenije a provision stating that any potential buyers must further develop the operator.

This would, among other, include infrastructure roll-out in service-poor areas, the implementation of Digital Agenda goals and providing job stability, writes Matjaž Ropret in his article, which would, according to telecoms experts, only ensure that nothing would change in the company after it is sold. Also, the selling price of Telekom would be lowered.

Dr Makarovič agrees that any such commitments would signify a lower selling price for the provider, and argues for the functional separation of Telekom Slovenije’s infrastructure and its services offered:

A separation of the network implemented correctly would, as in the New Zealand case, increase the value of the company and would, through fibre network investments, enable service competition.

Picture by Delo