Internet privacy for schoolchildren Aphaia social responsibility project


As part of our social responsibility efforts, we organised a workshop to explain schoolchildren at Tapion School in Saint Lucia, Eastern Caribbean, the concept of privacy and personal data, and how it applies to the use of the internet. 

Children between 9 and 11 were introduced to the general concept of privacy as a basic human right that everyone, including children, should enjoy. However, they were further warned the right of privacy should not be taken for granted: every individual must take measures to protect their own personal information. This is particularly the case with internet privacy, which is exposed to several global threats.

From social media profiles and connections to posts, messages, photos and videos, children, who almost without exceptions already use the internet and social media, were encouraged to take steps to minimise the risks of internet privacy breaches and associated unwanted consequences.

Our plan is to continue our CSR project on internet privacy for schoolchildren with other schools and different age groups.

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