Aphaia innovation summit

The Aphaia team came together in London for the annual summer summit, which took place on Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th June.

The two days were filled with a variety of sessions/discussions focusing on our operations and services. The sessions were informative and allowed the team to openly discuss strategy and take a view on our current market place.  A collaborative approach meant lots of great ideas, proposals and decisions were put to the table.

We had the pleasure of having Matija Jamnik from JK Group with us, who held a session on GDPR and cloud services, highlighting the limitation of GDPR in this aspect and the challenges faced by controllers and processors.

We also had riveting discussions on finding better strategies to increase the level of support to our clients all over the world.

At Aphaia we always aim to better our services and put our clients first.

Do you require assistance with GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 compliance? Aphaia provides both GDPR adaptation consultancy services, including data protection impact assessments, and Data Protection Officer outsourcing.

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