October 3, 2015



MyRecovery, a London healthcare tech startup,developed an app that guides patients recovering from a knee surgery.

In order to get the app up and running, MyRecovery needed guidance through the maze of privacy, intellectual property and medical equipment regulations.


Following the development of their recovery app, MyRecovery had to manage all the key regulatory aspects plus their own IP. This can prove to be a difficult task, especially if you are a small and specialised tech startup operating in a heavily regulaged industry such as healthcare. Whereas you need to make sure your IP is well-protected in all your transactions, you must also comply with patetients’ data protection and other industry regulations.


We provided MyRecovery with a full service in the relevant regulatory areas as part of our support package. They were offered assistance with the relevant documents plus on-demand consultations, which proved particularly useful when pivoting.


MyRecovery was provided with a full regulatory and IP kit that enabled them to comply with data protection requirements, license their product to both corporate users and individuals, and enable its use by third parties for testing purposes. Furthermore, we analysed other potential healthcare regulatory risks pertaining to their product.