October 22, 2015


T-2 is a new telco market entrant and the operator of Slovenia’s largest all-fibre (FTTH) access network.

It has been operating a multiplay broadband service offering both via its own NGA network and by means of unbundling of the incumbent telco network that is being upgraded to NGA.



An operation like this requires the new entrant to make a full use of the regulatory instruments available to them under the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications. In particualar, the incumbent network NGA upgrade made it difficult for T-2 to continue to use the network on an unbundled basis.


We made a full use of our knowledge and experience in the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications in order to find the best possible solutions for the client. We relied on the EU NGA migration procedures and pricing rules that protect new market entrants.


The client was able to explain its regulatory case to the incumbent operator, requiring it to reassess its wholesale network migration plan. The client was further able to continue its operations based on newly negotiated wholesale contracts in those areas where the network has been upgraded to NGA.