October 12, 2015

TRA Oman

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) plays a vital role as the regulator of the Omani telecoms market.

As such, the TRA, its management and staff need to keep the fast pace with the technological and business developments in the telecoms sector.


In order for the TRA to achieve this, staff and management competencies needed to be clearly defined and assessed in line with the latest trends in the telecoms industry and regulation. Furthermore, the TRA faced the organisational challenge of getting the best out of people’s individual competencies.



We went beyond the typical HR competencies review to assess how the staff and managers could cope with the actual challenges of modern telecoms market and regulation. We made parallels with the individuals’ and teams’ competencies and the way collaboration between them could be enhanced by means of dedicated task forces.


We helped the TRA re-define their staff competencies, identify talent in their ranks and the needs for its future development, plus proposed an organisational structure that would make the best use of it – by cutting across the departmental silos, using new technologies-oriented task forces in order to deal with the crucial future challenges of telecoms regulation.