October 3, 2015


Verree, a Shoreditch-based startup, has developed an online electronic ID that enables fans to buy concert tickets using as few intermediaries as possible.

Developed in partnership with artists, festivals, event organisers and ticketing companies, Verree faced privacy challenges of handling fans’ personal information, facing both regulatory compliance and consumer trust issues.


Verree electronic ID not only consists of key personal information but also attempts to enhance fans’ experience by means of the right concert offerings based on their revealed preferences. The challenge is to deliver to the fans the best possible user experience with the least privacy intrusion. In that regard, Verree wanted not only to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act but also to follow industry privacy best practices.



Our ‘smart compliance’ approach enabled the balancing of the client’s interest to get the most out of the data and to satisfy music fans’ potentially high expectations of privacy. Where necessary, this meant going beyond the minimum statutory requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act – in close collaboration and based on Verree’s feedback.


Together with Verree, we have built a privacy policy that is user-friendly and conservative in terms of fans’ data use, yet still delivers in terms of potential to use the fans’ past behaviour in order to determine their tastes and predict their concert preferences.