Since 2010

Top-notch ICT regulatory expertise

Based on first-hand experience working with regulators and policy makers, including at the EU level, and top academic background, we have been dealing with the most difficult regulatory and policy challenges of telecommunications, data protection, internet, AI and e-identities.

An agile approach to regulation

Part of Shoreditch tech community

Based just around the corner from the Silicon Roundabout, Aphaia has been providing cutting edge compliance and policy expertise to some of London's most innovative businesses. With our second office in Madrid, we provide a regulatory gateway for UK, European, and US and other tech firms.

Client diversity

From startups to multinationals

Our clients include innovative startups and tech companies like Depop, Yieldify, Settled, Amino Apps, Curve, Cuvva, all the way to multinationals like Avaya, Guala Closures, Study Group, WorldAware. From telecoms, fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, education to recruitment and so on.

Bostjan & Cristina

An agile partners' team

Combining top academic background with years of practical industry, regulatory and consultancy experience, our partners' team understands regulation, laws, technology, policy and business. From telecommunications to data science and AI. Our clients are entitled to a full package.

Managing Partner

Dr Boštjan Makarovič CIPP/E

Dr Bostjan Makarovic is an expert in ICT law, regulation and policy. As a former member of the EU Communications Committee (CoCom) and adviser to the EU Council presidency on the 2009 telecommunications legislative package review, he helped governments and regulators in Europe and the Middle East draft rules on net neutrality, e-identity, privacy and telecoms market regulations. He is also the co-author of Walden: Telecommunications Law and Regulation, published by Oxford University Press. Bostjan holds a PhD in all -IP networks regulation from Queen Mary University of London, and teaches European and International Telecommunications Law at the same institution. As a sought after IAPP-certified international data protection professional, he regularly advises tech businesses on regulatory challenges. His work has taken him all over the world.


Cristina Contero Almagro LLM MSc

Cristina is Aphaia's key data expert on the legal, business and technical side. Having finished her master’s program in data analytics at Madrid School of Marketing and ICT law at Universidad Carlos III, her dual profile as a lawyer and data scientist provides her with 360º data skills that she has applied to several projects during her tenure as a Privacy Advisor, and in her role as the Data Protection Officer to a number of vibrant businesses, including London and Silicon Valley tech start-ups in the areas of finance, sharing economy, e-commerce and software development. Before working at Aphaia, Cristina worked as a Project Manager at an international trade company based in Vietnam, and participated as companies' defence counsel in the Madrid Court of Arbitration for the resolution of e-commerce and e-advertising disputes.

Director of Strategic Business Development

Amardeep K Darbar CIPP/E

Amardeep is an IAPP-certified International Privacy Professional. She holds a BA (Hons) Business Studies with economics degree from Middlesex University. She joined Aphaia after years of experience working in the finance sector with Clifton Finance Services Ltd. and Santander UK Plc.

Senior Privacy Expert

Matija Jamnik CIPP/E

Matija is Aphaia's regular external privacy expert with pan-European experience as part of EuroCloud Cloud Privacy Check. He is IAPP-certified privacy professional and attorney-at-law.

Blog Editor

Zandilli Lucien

Zandilli Lucien is a blogger and podcaster with a professional background in sales and online marketing. She has a passion for writing and Mathematics, which she studied at Morgan State University, before starting her freelance career and launching her personal creative brand.

Privacy & Cybersecurity Expert

Toulu Akerele CIPP/E CIPM

Toulu has worked in Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Lagos, across government agencies, security think tanks, and consultancy firms. She has conducted privacy trainings and audits for multiple international firms, and leveraged her cybersecurity experience to provide strategies for the financial industry. She is a certified ISO27001 Lead Implementer, bilingual in English and French, speaks Hebrew, Spanish and reads literary Arabic.

Senior Telecoms Regulatory Expert

Domagoj Jurjević

Expert in telecom regulation, Domagoj is former vice-chair of BEREC and vice-president of HAKOM, Croatian telecom regulatory authority.

Aphaia Blog Contributor

Vasiliki Antoniadou LLM

Vasiliki holds Queen Mary, University of London LLM in intellectual property and is acting head of IP with Smiley Company.

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