October 3, 2015



With almost 14 years of experience helping service providers and regulators in more than 10 different countries, we can help you with the most difficult issues pertaining to telecommunications regulation and policy, including NGN and NGA wholesale products, net neutrality, managed IP- and OTT services.

  • Anaylsing ex ante and ex post regulatory measures and competition concerns
  • Regulatory impact assessment from the regulator’s and/or the operators’ perspective
  • Telecoms policy, regulation training and capacity building

Check out our case studies to see how we did it for T-2 and TRA Oman.


We help UK-based broadcasters deal with both licensing issues and complex compliance issues pertaining to broadcasting content regulation.

  • Help obtaining broadcasting licences from Ofcom
  • Assistance with both strategic and day-to-day compliance issues
  • Regulatory and jurisdictional analysis in relation to international broadcasting services

Check out our case study on how we help the Medical Channel with both licensing and compliance.


IT businesses, including technology startups, face a number of issues pertaining to legal regulation of their technology. New technologies such as IoT, cloud computing and Big Data analytics are likely to trigger the application of areas of law the business has previously been unaware of. Our regulatory support subscription therefore provides assistance on a number of issues.

  • Data protection issues in relation to innovative cloud and Big Data solutions
  • IP, including copyrights and database rights, in relation to apps and software in general
  • Assistance by an IAPP-certified privacy expert

Check out how we help MyRecovery deal with complex data protection and IP-related issues.


Food, lifestyle and luxury industries are highly susceptible for sustainability and CSR solutions due to margins that enable consumers to dedicate part of their spending to environmental and ethical causes. We provide CSR support to food and lifestyle businesses in all the necessary stages of ‘going green’ whilst focusing on ‘doing well by doing good’.

  • Benchmark your strategy against your competitors with our CSR Calculator.
  • Evaluate impact of your planned CSR action points
  • Get your CSR reporting in line with the new EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

Learn how we help Susana Cardenas of Montecristi Chocolates get the best out of her sustainable sourcing practices.