OTT & Cloud Communications

Need to assess regulatory implications of your CaaS / OTT service?

We explore regulations and offer an assessment of the risks associated with providing your service in your home country and internationally. Get a free quote!

Net neutrality

...Or, understand the impact 'net neutrality' has on services?

We helped the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain design a 'net neutrality' policy. We also help operators get the best out of the EU Open Internet Regulation. Get your free quote!

Wholesale access and interconnection

In-depth understanding of European NGA wholesale local and bitstream access policies

We helped regulators design policies for duct access, local loop unbundling and bitstream access. We also assisted operators in wholesale markets for VULA and other NGA-based products under the EU’s regulatory framework. Get your free quote!

IoT and eIDAS

Dealing with telecoms regulation of the future? From IoT to eIDAS

We helped exciting London-based start-ups such as SharpEnd deal with IoT matters, and supported the Government of Slovenia in the design of a policy of e-identities and trust services (eIDAS). Is there a new and exciting telecoms regulatory topic you need help with?Get a free quote!

Why should I pick Aphaia?

Our wealth of experience combines practical and academic insight. We’ve worked with EU institutions, nine different regulatory authorities around the world and Queen Mary University of London.

More than 90% of our recent telecoms regulatory and policy work is for clients who have signed up to our regular support.

No matter how important the issue is to you, telecoms regulatory and policy advice should not cost an arm and a leg. We ensure our projects pass the 'costs and benefits' test - and that they are also affordable to new market entrants and small regulatory authorities.

Our motto? We wouldn’t charge what we wouldn’t be prepared to pay ourselves!

…plus we are trusted by a number of awesome clients