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European Digital Identity wallet reference framework was published by the European Commission

European Digital Identity wallet reference framework was published by the European Commission

The European Commission recently published a document containing the architecture and reference framework for the proposed European Digital Identity wallet.


The European Commission has recently released a document to provide all the specifications needed to develop an inter-operable European Digital Identity Wallet Solution, which is based on common standards and practices. This document provides an overview of the current state of affairs, and ongoing work, and does not imply a formal agreement regarding the legislative proposal. Through the process of developing the toolbox, this document will be updated over time as well as complemented where necessary. The document is not legally binding, and does not prejudge the upcoming legislative process for the European Digital Identity Wallets. 


The EUDI wallet aims to guarantee access to trusted digital identities for individuals within the EU.


The main objective of the proposed EUDI wallet is to guarantee access to trusted digital identities across the EU, allowing users to be in control of their own online presence and interactions.It will allow users to securely request, obtain and store their information through a combination of several products and Trust Services. Some uses of the EUDI wallet will include access to online services through secured and trusted identification, mobility and digital driving license, health, educational credentials and professional qualifications, digital finance and digital travel credential. 


The initial rollout of the EUDI wallet will involve selected pilot projects, with a minimum number of solution components.


This document is meant to be used by the European Commission for the reference implementation of an EUDI wallet. The code for the reference implementation will then be provided to implementers across Europe for reuse. The initial implementers will be projects selected to carry out Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) through a call for proposals. The European Commission launched a call for proposals on February 22nd 2022 under the Digital Europe Program, with the objective to co-fund the piloting of the EUDI wallet based on the reference implementation. For the sake of simplicity, the initial EUDI wallet solution specifications will only include a minimum number of solution components, essentially functioning as an eID.

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