Telecoms regulation & policy

Telecoms regulation & policy
What We Offer

Telecom Regulatory Consultancy

We resolve the most difficult questions in the telecoms policy and regulation space

Aphaia & Telecom

We’re a small team of experts with decades of international experience specialising in assisting regulators and businesses conduct comparative analysis, find solutions to complex questions, and communicate on matters of:

  • Ducts and other physical infrastructure access
  • wholesale local and broadband access services
  • Regulatory market analysis
  • The designation of operators with significant market power and wholesale regulatory remedies
  • Authorisation and licensing of telecoms services

Telecoms Regulation and Policy

Working with a team at Aphaia, grants you access to our in-depth industry experience.

  • If you’re looking to assess the risks and opportunities of providing services in a chosen jurisdiction, we’ll deliver a detailed risk assessment and evaluation of local regulations and policies.
  • If you need positive outcomes from communication with regulatory authorities, we’ll support you with high-quality assets and advocacy.
Frame 278

Our experience

- regulators design policies for duct access, local loop unbundling, and bitstream access;

- the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain design a 'net neutrality' policy;

- the Government of Slovenia to design e-identities and trust services policy (eIDAS).

- A number of telecom market entrants in Europe frame their regulatory concerns and raise their grievances with the national regulatory authorities and the European Commission.
- Our multi-faceted work experience allows us to evaluate any project through the lens of the operator, the regulator, and the policy-maker.

- We have in-depth understanding of European NGA wholesale local and bitstream access policies, having assisted operators in wholesale markets for VULA and other NGA-based products to comply with the EU’s regulatory framework.