The question is: how do we ensure that your AI project has an ethical purpose? Here’s an overview of how we can help:

It’s crucial that AI is designed, deployed and used with people at its core. We carry out an initial analysis to ensure that the AI system is grounded in fundamental rights, societal values and relevant ethical principles as highlighted by the Commission.
Based on the previous stage, we prospectively evaluate possible effects of AI on users and society, paying special attention to vulnerable groups and asymmetries of power or information.

We implement EU Trustworthy AI guidance

We apply the EU requirements for Trustworthy AI to your particular AI system according to the results in our earlier analyses. The work is focused on European Commission guidance: Accountability, Data Governance, Design for all, Governance of AI Autonomy, Non-Discrimination, Respect for Human Autonomy, Respect for Privacy, Robustness, Safety and Transparency, among others. We also help you put things into practice!
We advise on the most suitable technical and non-technical methods to ensure the implementation of requirements. We help you prepare relevant policies regarding your AI system's capabilities and limitations to be addressed to your stakeholders, as well as design the processes for accountability, governance and training.

Making AI ethics operational

We will prepare a tailored assessment list to detect any gaps when developing, deploying or using AI.
Once the relevant list and metrics have been adopted, we will conduct an evaluation in every step of the AI process and provide advice for continuous testing, validation, evaluation and justification. This is critical in order to improve the AI system.

Applying for Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe funding? We can help! Our experts will assist you with the Ethics Appraisal Procedure

Ethics is an integral part of research for all projects funded by the European Union. Where to start? When preparing a proposal, it is required to conduct an Ethics Self-assessment which involves the completion of an Ethics Issues Table, among other tasks. We will work alongside your team to cover this part of the project and help you to achieve real research excellence.
Has your project been considered for funding already? Our experts can support you during the full duration of the project with guidance, advice, and feedback. We can do this independently or as part of your project's Ethics Board.

AI and Data Protection

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes some mandatory requirements for AI when it comes to the protection of individual privacy, notably for algorithm-based decision-making systems. Companies that implement this type of technology have to put in place specific processes, policies and security measures. In addition, a Data Protection Impact Assessment is usually required. You can learn more about our data protection services  here or get in touch.

The interface between data protection and AI ethics

Do you need a comprehensive assessment including data protection and AI ethics?  We offer full reports comprising GDPR gap analysis and compliance roadmap and AI ethics assessment. Not sure about what is the relation between data protection principles and AI ethics requirements? See our table below:

Ethical Technology Assessments

As AI Ethics frontrunners, we are always up to date of the latest actions and initiatives at national, European and global level.

The Ethical Technology Assessment (eTA) is one of the alternatives suggested by the European Parliament to regulate AI and we are already providing this service. Get ready for mandatory regulation before it is too late!

Why choose Aphaia?

Having provided privacy ethics analysis for X5GON, an H2020 AI-based educational project, being part of the Ethics Board of DIH4CPS, an H2020 AI-based project which creates an interdisciplinary network of DIHs and solutions providers, and working with AI-based recommendations engines such as Depop, we are a frontrunner in EU AI ethics consultancy work.
Aphaia’s partners provide an unrivalled mix of legal and tech expertise, as well as practical and academic experience
Our pricing is tailored to start-ups and other young tech businesses, and so is our way of running projects.