June 14, 2016

Data Protection Officer outsourcing

Appointing a Data Protection Officer is becoming mandatory for all data-driven European businesses. Our external Data Protection Officer product provides crucial expertise and an affordable alternative to employing a privacy expert to ensure ‘smart compliance’ with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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How do I know my company needs a Data Protection Officer?

GDPR requires you to appoint an internal or external Data Protection Officer if your core activities consist of personal data processing operations which, by virtue of their nature, their scope and/or their purposes, require regular and systematic monitoring of individuals on a large scale. Monitoring includes all forms of tracking and profiling on the internet, including for the purposes of behavioural advertising.

You can read our White Paper to find out why having a Data Protection Officer is becoming a must for many European businesses.

What will the Data Protection Officer do for my company?

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Data Protection Officer will monitor compliance with EU and national data protection laws, notably GDPR, company policies and best practices. This compliance would include:

  • your Privacy Policy such as obtaining consent for data processing, ensuring data portability, the exercise of the Right to be Forgotten, or the use of customer data for direct marketing;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment in case of the introduction of new analytics techniques or new technologies such as IoT, Big Data analytics, or Cloud Computing;
  • the assignment of responsibilities, awareness-raising and training of staff involved in processing operations, and the related audits;
  • your reaction in case of any Personal Data Breach.

The Data Protection Officer works directly with the highest management level of your company and is ready to answer any difficult questions arising out of your day-to-day data processing.

You should read our comic strip for easy understanding of the Data Protection Officer role. Our ‘smart compliance’ approach in performing these tasks will enable you to both avoid the pitfalls of unlawful data processing, and to increase consumer trust in your data analytics and other operations.

Your next steps

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You can get a quote for our Data Protection Officer outsourcing by clicking on the ‘Get a quote’ button below, and we will get in touch shotly. If you believe you only require a one-off Data Protection Audit, get in touch with us in the same way to let us know your thoughts, and we will come up with an audit or consultancy offer for you as applicable.

In providing our Data Protection Outsourcing product, we rely on our valued partners across Europe:

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Need more information? Read a case study to find our how we helped startup MyRecovery manage sensitive personal information they gather. Or you can explore our Knowledge Centre and get an overview from privacy lawyer Nina Marot what GDPR means for European businesses.


from £375 / month plus VAT

Data Protection and Privacy Policy tailored to your organisation * Ongoing support including a limited number of phone calls and written documents * A bespoke report every month plus ad hoc alerts * Additional hours priced at £100 plus VAT * Allocated account manager *Unlimited Knowledge Centre access * Unlimited access to apps and tools


from £390 plus VAT

We check whether your business model complies with data protection laws. This is a particularly important option for startups who are not yet sure about the scaling of their data-driven product. If we find there are no major obstacles for your product launch, you may need to appoint an external Data Protection Officer.


from £900 plus VAT

Your business is involved in data processing but you do not believe you satisfy GDPR criteria for the appointment of a Data Protection Officer? You may want to check compliance of one or more specific aspects of your data processing operations. In such cases, a one-off Data Protection Audit is a solution for you.