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Providing models and other creatives with the tools they need to find work and get paid, Contact wanted to make sure they handle their data, including images, lawfully.


Our client

Contact is an agency that provides models, photographers, and hair and makeup artist with the tools they need to find work and get paid. To ensure this goal went smoothly, they needed us to ensure they handle their data in compliance with the GDPR. 

To achieve this, Contact knew they needed to follow certain legal requirements but wasn’t sure where to start.

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What they were up against


Contact needed someone who understood both the legal and the tech side of data protection to look into the issues like their online talent sign-up process, the compliance of their external software providers, cookies, and sending marketing emails.

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This is what we did

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Robust diagnostics

Our GDPR audit that resulted in a Gap Analysis and Compliance Roadmap enabled Contact to get straight to the point, ensuring no area of compliance was left untouched.

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Understanding the business side

We made sure we understood the way Contact’s business works  to identify the approaches that could best work for them.

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The Trello effect

The DPO Trello board made it easy to keep Contact’s team in the loop regarding our progress.

Our clients choose...

Ongoing DPO support + Compliance Roadmap
Compliance Roadmap + Gap Analysis only
Key outcomes

Working with Aphaia

Direction and organisation

A clear Compliance Roadmap was mapped out, with each task deconstructed to keep things on track

Personalised advice

We provided honest advice on Contact’s specific business issues such as using talent images in their paid advertising – in human, not legal. 


Without having to delve into data protection rules themselves, Contact were able to focus on their core mission with Aphaia doing the compliance heavy-lifting. 


Contact has been able to implement privacy policies and practices that support their business growth and can now manage their talent data with ease. 


Really easy to work with

When Contact’s marketing team needed to assess the data protection side of their campaigns, Jess, Contact’s Head of Marketing, was  impressed by our team’s speed and responsiveness.

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A word from Contact

“What I really valued was that they were very proactive with taking on a lot of work.”

Reuben Selby

Founder and CEO