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Aphaia is a smarter consultancy because we go beyond the prevailing patterns of thinking and seeing things. We are greener because we take sustainability and environmental responsibility on board as the norm regardless of policy field.

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Your source of in-depth information. Explore our many free titles to gain in-depth knowledge about the background and influence of some of the most important debates of today, from information and communications policy to climate change. Now also available as e-books for Kindle!

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(Un) Safe Harbor under Court of Justice of the European Union scrutiny

Does a national data protection authority have to blindly follow personal data transfers to the USA known as Safe Harbor?

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Obama’s climate change treaty to circumvent Congress in time for 2015 UN climate talks

The U.S. is reportedly planning to forge a politically binding climate change agreement to cut world carbon emissions.

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Monthly roundup, August 2014: We never unplug, net neutrality in the US, Team Australia and EU telecoms in 2013

Revisit the US net neutrality debate, see Team Australia, and see if you are in the 43% that never unplug from technology.

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EU regulatory case law, July 2014: Telefónica’s broadband margin squeeze and access to residence permit data

Read how Telefónica is found to have abused its dominant position in access to broadband markets in Spain.

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