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Thanks to our extensive network of experienced professionals with strong operational backgrounds we are able to cover all EU Member States and candidate countries as well as South Eastern and Eastern Europe, Asia, China, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Tailoring services to your need

Aphaia’s principal value is to work closely with the client in finding the best solutions suited to their needs, as we firmly believe that consulting work only makes sense if the process takes into account the unique requirements, core values and organisational culture of each individual organisation.

Energy Strategy for Europe: The role of Renewable Energy in an EU Integrated Energy Market

The White Paper describes the EU policy and regulatory framework on renewable energy, and analyses the current situation regarding renewable energy growth. It will also briefly analyse the energy technological challenges and infrastructure developments at the EU level, and future considerations for renewable energy penetration in the internal market.

Delivering services in policy, regulation and strategy in close collaboration with the client’s team.

Top-level expertise and a global network of professionals enable us to provide high-quality services in our specialised areas of knowledge, which include policy, regulatory and strategic aspects of telecommunications and information society, energy and environment.

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New EU telecoms framework: Aphaia has prepared a series of tailor-made seminars and trainings on what the new ‘Connected Continent’ legislative proposal will mean for you and your organisation. Download the brochure to find out more and book your seminar.
Telecoms and IT support service: Download the brochure and find out how Aphaia can help you keep up with and understand the perpetually changing policies and regulations of the telecoms and information society fields through our tailor-made regulatory support packages.


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Aphaia whitepapers

Your source of in-depth information. Explore our many titles to gain in-depth knowledge about the background and influence of some of the most important debates of today, from information and communications technology and climate change, to online data protection and advertising, smart grids, and telecoms end-user rights.
LATEST: Energy Strategy for Europe: The role of Renewable Energy in an EU Integrated Energy Market
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The 3 true reasons behind the European ‘broadband lottery’

Appalling broadband price differences have long been the reality for anyone moving home across Europe, even between places as close as the UK and Belgium. So have been the differences in broadband quality, speed and coverage. This ‘geographic lottery’ for broadband has been confirmed by the European Commission in their latest study.

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Another review of the European Commission Relevant Markets Recommendation – from economic regulation to dogma?

In 2003, European Commission believed there were 18 relevant telecoms product markets susceptible for ex ante regulation across Europe. In 2007, the number went down to 7. We are now to be left with only 4 relevant markets. Is this a true reflection of a gradual shift to a fully competitive market for electronic communications networks and services or a ritual with limited market effects, asks Aphaia’s Bostjan Makarovic.

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EU regulatory case law: March 2014

In this issue of Aphaia’s monthly series on EU regulatory case law find out more abot the latest European regulatory case law from March 2014 in the field of information society and competition.

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Monthly Round Up: March 2014

Aphaia has been busy this month: our Chief Consultant Boštjan chaired the SEE Telecoms Conference, we mingled with The Cube, and held a BrightTALK webinar exploring key community-engagement strategies in ‪Latin America‬.

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