Aphaia: a smarter and greener approach

Aphaia is a smarter consultancy because we go beyond the prevailing patterns of thinking and seeing things. We are greener because we take sustainability and environmental responsibility on board as the norm regardless of policy field.

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Aphaia White Paper library

Your source of in-depth information. Explore our many free titles to gain in-depth knowledge about the background and influence of some of the most important debates of today, from information and communications policy to climate change. Now also available as e-books for Kindle!

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Latest Aphaia white paper: Data protection and privacy in the world of Big Data, an EU perspective

The latest title in Aphaia’s free white paper library examines EU privacy legislation as it applies to the world of Big Data.

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CSR Mandate in India – Rebranding CSR to improve India Inc.’s willingness to pay

India has mandated a CSR legislation, making her the first country to attempt at enforcing social spending and reporting.

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Can Tesla save the electric car future? US$5 billion to challenge the petrol engine lock-in

The Tesla Motors Nevada car battery plant plan raises broader questions as to the future of cars and electricity.

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