New telecoms rules to be implemented

Europeans will enjoy new rights and services regarding phones, mobile and Internet, thanks to the revised EU rules on telecoms networks and services. The rules, adopted by the European Parliament and Council in late 2009, had to be implemented into national laws of the EU-27 countries by 25th May 2011.

British super-injunction controversy raises questions about freedom of speech and new media

In England and Wales, super-injunctions, gag orders that prohibit the press from reporting the details of a legal case are at the center of a country-wide controversy that raises questions about freedom of the press, freedom of speech, online censorship, the effect of European treaties on the UK legal systems and fundamental constitutional issues regarding[…]

Majority of EU citizens use foreign language when online

A pan-EU Eurobarometer survey showed that 44% of Internet users feel they are missing  interesting information because web pages are not in a language they understand. The survey, released in May 2011, shows that 90% of Internet surfers in the EU prefer to access websites in their own language, while 55% at least occasionally use[…]