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How Outsourced DPO helped Tech & Retail companies to achieve compliance

How Outsourced DPO helped Tech & Retail companies to achieve compliance

Aphaia’s Outsourced DPO services have helped many tech and retail companies achieve compliance between 2017 – 2023.


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, businesses are faced with a host of challenges when it comes to compliance. With the rise of data protection regulations, companies need to ensure that they are adhering to the strict guidelines set out by governing bodies to avoid legal penalties and brand repercussions which we discussed in our article titled, “The Benefits of Outsourced DPO for Tech Companies”. As it pertains to staying on top of the latest compliance requirements, this is where we come in. Our team at Aphaia consists of ICT regulation and data privacy professionals which specialises in data protection, privacy, telecommunications and AI ethics. Due to our qualifications we’re able to provide a range of services to help businesses achieve compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive all while maintaining flexibility, impartiality, and independence.  With the help of our personalised client systems, we’ve helped businesses understand the regulations clearly to ensure that they are fully compliant in the areas needed. This has led to many benefits for our clientele, including peace of mind, improved data protection practices, and better customer trust and loyalty.


A global online marketplace for independent brands managed to effectively achieve compliance with UK GDPR regulations and avoid any potential fines or legal action.


With the help of Aphaia, a global online marketplace for independent brands was able to respond to the UK GDPR regulations quickly and effectively. We conducted a thorough review of the company’s data protection policies and procedures, identifying areas that needed improvement to comply with the new regulations. Our team then provided the company with expert guidance and support, helping to implement new policies, procedures, and training staff on the new regulations. The company was able to achieve full compliance with the UK GDPR regulations and avoid any potential fines or legal action. By working with Aphaia, the company was able to maintain the trust and confidence of its customers, demonstrating its commitment to protecting their privacy and personal data. Our team’s expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping the company navigate the complex and evolving landscape of data protection regulations. The Operations Manager for the company wrote in a testimonial “Aphaia’s outsourced DPO model let us tap into deep expertise and added a pace and reliability we’ve come to count on. They mapped out and managed the entire UK GDPR compliance timeline for us, keeping us organised and on track. The whole experience was super-smooth and working with legal experts who speak in plain English was a breath of fresh air. Now, we’re in a strong, secure position safe in the knowledge we can turn to our Aphaia DPO when we need them.”


In 2022 Aphaia’s Outsourced DPO services helped a London-based online music broadcaster and club promoter achieve compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy Directive this was their experience.


Aphaia has helped a leading online music broadcasting platform achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive. After conducting a GDPR gap analysis and ePrivacy gap analysis to identify areas where the company was not compliant with the regulations, Aphaia provided specific, actionable recommendations on how to address these issues. The company was also provided with an internal process training handbook for its employees to ensure that everyone in the company understood the regulations and their responsibilities under them. Although the small team had no data protection expertise, this company was able to improve its data protection practices and achieve full compliance with GDPR regulations. This online music broadcasting platform is now able to grow their business without worries about GDPR compliance. In a recent endorsement, the Chief Finance Officer for the company said “As well as quickly getting to grips with our business and our core activities, Cristina and the team have adopted a collaborative approach to the programme, ensuring we prioritise critical activities and working at a speed which reflects the capacity of a small growing business”


Aphaia’s Outsourced DPO services help various businesses achieve compliance. Lastly we’re diving into the experience of a growing local marketplace app which greatly benefited from Aphaia’s assistance and was able to ensure full compliance with GDPR legislation.


A popular social shopping app benefited greatly from our team’s assistance in becoming compliant with data protection regulations. We provided valuable guidance and support throughout the process, helping the company to identify and address potential compliance issues, implement appropriate policies and procedures, and train staff on data protection best practices. Collaborative tools allow the company’s employees to refer to prior advice and discussions with our Aphaia professionals. By working with Aphaia, this company was able to ensure that it was fully compliant with all relevant data protection laws and regulations, protecting the privacy and personal data of its users and maintaining the trust and confidence of its customers. Aphaia’s expert advice and support helped them to achieve a high level of compliance and maintain its position as a leading player in the social shopping market. Data and Compliance Manager of the company said in a testimonial “I would feel comfortable recommending Aphaia to a startup with no experience, no employees. But I also feel comfortable recommending them to a much bigger company that perhaps has put some effort or thought into privacy. They will be attentive to where you are on your journey and they will find a way to help you on that journey and support you.”


Aphaia’s Outsourced DPO services are designed to help businesses stay on top of the latest compliance requirements and avoid costly penalties. With a comprehensive GDPR gap analysis, we can pinpoint exactly where your business may be falling short and provide a clear roadmap to achieve full compliance. Our company’s GDPR training is the perfect way to ensure that every member of your team understands their responsibilities under the regulation. It doesn’t end here, at Aphaia we also offer ongoing collaboration and monitoring tools to keep compliance efforts on track, as well as data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) and legitimate interest assessments (LIAs) to identify and mitigate any potential risks to individuals’ rights and freedoms.

We hope this article enlightened you on how an effective Outsourced DPO company functions and If you are a business looking to achieve compliance with data protection regulations, Aphaia can help. Our team of experts can provide tailored solutions to help you achieve compliance and improve your data protection practices. Contact Aphaia today to find out more.

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