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Aphaia in Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2017 Singapore

Aphaia is again media partner for Symphony Global Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2017 that will take place in Singapore on 20-21 April. This year’s focus: profiting from your effective Big Data strategy. Aphaia’s message: don’t forget data privacy!


GDPR Summary

GDPR Summary: here is how new EU rules will affect data The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of European legislation designed to reform and harmonise the rules on individuals’ personal data. Ratified by the European Parliament on April 2016, it will enter into force on 2018.

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Data Protection Act 1998: a summary

We decided to publish a Data Protection Act (1998) Summary to help companies assessing their compliance needs in relation to data. The act has a reputation for its complexity: this Summary will provide you with a good knowledge of its key provisions. Who must comply with the Act, and for what?