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Illegal profiling and predatory marketing calls lead to a fine of £1.48 million for Easylife

Easylife was fined £1,480,000 for illegal profiling and predatory marketing calls which resulted in several complaints to the ICO.    The ICO has fined Easylife Ltd £1,350,000 for using the personal information of 145,400 customers to target them with health-related products after predicting their medical conditions based on previous purchases without their consent. The company

The Irish DPC imposed a fine of €405 million on Meta Platforms Limited

The Irish DPC imposed a fine of €405 million on Meta Platforms Limited, relating to the processing of children’s data.    The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) recently imposed a fine of €405 million and a range of corrective measures on Meta Platforms Limited (Ireland), after an inquiry into the company revealed several GDPR infractions.

Poor personal data security leads to a fine of €2,500

Poor personal data security by a digital administration platform has led to a fine for a Belgian data controller.     A Belgian data controller has recently incurred a fine for multiple GDPR violations. The controller in this case is a company that created a platform for digital administration. On this platform, suppliers and consumers can

Unlawfully obtaining personal data results in the prosecution of former Health Advisor

A former Health Advisor pleaded guilty to, and was prosecuted for unlawfully obtaining personal data, and was ordered to compensate his victims.    A former Health Advisor has been prosecuted for obtaining the personal data of service users, particularly patients of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. He was found guilty of accessing the medical records

Inadequate security measures lead to a fine from the Danish DPA

The Danish Data Protection Authority has fined a law firm after a data breach, due to their inadequate security measures.    A law firm in Denmark has been fined over €67,000 for failing to implement basic security measures when establishing remote access to the company’s IT systems. These systems facilitated access to personal data of

Fine of €20 million from the Greek DPA

Clearview AI has recently been hit with a fine of €20 million for violating the principles of lawfulness and transparency.    A civil non-profit organisation, “Homo Digitalis” lodged a complaint against Clearview AI Inc., a facial recognition company which developed its database by scraping individuals’ images from across the web. This was lodged on behalf

CNIL imposes €1 million fine for several infractions related to data subject’s rights and transparency obligations

€1 million fine imposed by CNIL on an energy company for several GDPR violations related to data subject’s rights and transparency obligations.    After receiving several complaints regarding the difficulties encountered by users in having their requests for access to their data and opposition to receiving calls for the purposes of direct marketing fulfilled by

Bank fined by Hungarian SA for unlawful data processing

Budapest Bank fined by Hungarian SA, for unlawful data processing as the controller’s use of AI systems lacked transparency.    Budapest Bank was recently fined by the Hungarian SA due to the fact that the data controller (Budapest Bank) performs automated analyses of customers’ satisfaction using AI on customer service phone calls. This data processing

Uber fined by Italian DPA for lack of transparency

A major privacy violation has landed Uber companies fined by Italian DPA, Garante, €2 million and €120,000 respectively.    A privacy violation affecting over 1.5 million individuals has landed Uber two fines of 2 million and 120 thousand euros each, from Italian DPA Garante, according to this report. The company, Uber BV has a European

Google was fined by the AEPD and ordered to come into compliance after Lumen Project data transfers

Google was fined by the AEPD and ordered to come into compliance after  GDPR violations relating to Lumen Project data transfers.    The AEPD has issued a decision in the case against Google LLC, which states that the company has committed two very serious GDPR violations. The Spanish Data Protection Agency decided to impose a