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The US CLOUD Act: what is the impact on European companies?

Following the approval of the CLOUD Act in the US, the Dutch Government requested a Memo on its application to EU Entities.   Under the GDPR, EU companies are required to comply with important data protection legislation or face serious monetary sanctions. Some critics have even argued about the GDPR’s extensive extraterritorial scope, which has

Encryption Keys and privacy: AEPD discusses how keys may be considered personal data

Encryption keys and privacy explored by the AEPD, and why some encryption keys may be considered personal data.       Encryption keys and privacy go hand in hand, and  have proven to be extremely useful in the online world. However some can be considered personal data under the GDPR, and must be treated as

Social Media platforms and inherent privacy concerns

Is Social Media a safe space?   Social Media (SM) is here to stay, with increasing importance in our day to day lives; 45% of the world population uses social networks (2020). Subsequently, there is an impending need to harness privacy practices, thereby limiting the possibility of negative impact to users. Popular SM networks include

Cookie Rules in the EU

We examine the cookie rules in force in the EU and talk about what companies should watch for.

Special update: Privacy and drones

We explore the use of drones as it moves from pure personal use into the world of customer service and security.

EU Data Protection Regulation: three years after

Three years after the EC proposed a new set of data protection rules this is what we can most likely expect.

Internet of Things addressed by key EU data protection body

The latest report by EU data protection authorities provides guidelines related to the Internet of Things and privacy.

(Un) Safe Harbor under Court of Justice of the European Union scrutiny

Does a national data protection authority have to blindly follow personal data transfers to the USA known as Safe Harbor?

Riley v California: Cell phones cannot be searched without a warrant says US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court has voted for the protection of digital information from an arrested individual’s cell phone.

EU regulatory case law: December 2013

In our new monthly series, Apahia's guest blogger Ines Grah takes a look at the recent judgements by the European Court of Justice and the General Court, highlighting the most relevant developments in energy, data protection, competition and environment.