Tag: Telecommunications

Tag: Telecommunications

Aphaia participates in FOAN 2023

Aphaia’s Partner Cristina Contero Almagro delivered a presentation on NIS 2 Directive at FOAN 2023, which was held in Ghent on 30th and 31st October.   The 11th International Workshop on Fiber Optics in Access Networks (FOAN) took place in Ghent on 30th-31st October, in conjunction with the International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and

The ICO has fined three companies for nuisance marketing

The ICO has fined three companies for a total of £415,000 due to nuisance marketing practices after receiving several complaints.   The ICO has fined three companies a total of £415,000 for nuisance marketing. Colour Car Sales Limited, Solarwave, and LTH Holdings were fined for various offenses including unsolicited calls and spam text messages. Many

New German law regulating eprivacy and data protection

New German law recently adopted, regulates eprivacy and data protection in telecommunications and telemedia.   Last month, German parliament adopted a new law regulating eprivacy and data protection in telecommunications and telemedia. Previously, the laws regulating German data protection contained partially contradictory provisions, which led to legal uncertainty on various matters. In the past, data

Telephone marketing rules post-Brexit

Many UK businesses are planning to shift to telephone marketing. In this blog we go through the requirements that should be met in order to do it in compliance with the ePrivacy rules. UK businesses are no longer clearly protected by ePrivacy country of origin rule when marketing directly in EU countries, so many of

Regulatory case law, September 2015: atmospheric pollution and reimbursement of government licences

In September the ECJ ruled on refusal to grant reimbursement of telecoms licences and the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Regulatory case law, July 2015: obligations of the Water Framework Directive and prudent private investors

The ECJ annuls a Commission telecoms decision and rules on the deepening of a navigable river.

Regulatory case law, June 2015: financing internet subscription services at a fixed location

This past June the ECJ ruled on financing mechanisms in internet subscription services requiring a connection to the internet at a fixed location.

Can the EU digital market be more than a buzzword?

Dr Bostjan Makarovic examines what a single European digital market should comprise of and why it is neccesary.

Regulatory case law, December 2014: waste management, green electricity and dominant position in mobile telephony

In December 2014 the ECJ ruled on privacy in recording public spaces, dominant positions in telecoms, and green electricity.

Aphaia at the Next Generation Fixed Networks Summit Eastern Europe

Dr Makarovic stressed the importance of regulation providing clear incentives to replace copper with fibre.