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Dark patterns in social media platform interfaces

Dark Patterns are defined by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), as “interfaces and user experiences implemented on social media platforms that lead users into making unintended, unwilling and potentially harmful decisions regarding the processing of their personal data”. These dark patterns seek to influence user behaviour on those platforms, hindering their ability to make conscious

Proposal for an EU AI Regulation

Proposal for an EU AI Regulation is primarily based on the perceived level of risk associated with the AI system. 

Fintech and AI Ethics

As the world of Fintech evolves, the need for governance and ethics in that arena is of particular importance.    Financial Technology, or “Fintech” refers to new technology that seeks to improve and automate financial services. This technology aids in the smooth running of financial aspects of business or personal finances through the integration of

Privacy and ethical concerns of social media

Privacy and ethical concerns have become more relevant in social media due to the prevalence of “explore”, “discover” or “for you” tabs and pages.   “Discover” pages on social media deliver content that the app thinks that the user would likely be interested in. This is based on several factors including user interactions, video information,

Updates on the guidelines for Trustworthy AI

Recently, the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence released a document of guidelines, on implementing trustworthy AI in practice. In this blog, we aim to enlighten you on the guidelines for trustworthy AI.   Last month on our blog, we reported on the final assessment list for trustworthy artificial intelligence, released by the High-Level Expert

AI Ethics and Real Estate: Further considerations for best practices.

The importance of upholding AI ethics in the world of real estate is essential to maintaining integrity in the industry as AI systems are incorporated in its processes.   Earlier this month we explored the importance of AI ethics in the real estate industry in ensuring its ability to function within regulation, while being of

Can AI Help Prevent COVID-19?

Can AI help prevent COVID-19? Can it be used to predict or detect outbreaks, and would this be ethical? Can AI help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Recently, we released an article on the technological initiatives being put in place across Europe to help control the spread of the novel COVID-19. In our latest vlog