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DPO-legal counsel collaboration is essential. So we recommend LegalEdge

DPO-legal counsel collaboration is essential. That is why the Aphaia DPO team is always happy to work with in-house counsel from LegalEdge, whose COO Helen Goldberg and CEO Donna Sewell use this blog post to ask: ‘Are you spending too much (or too little!) on your legals?’  Part of scaling-up and growing your business means increasing

Blue Octopus recruitment gives candidates control over data

In our client interview, Kelly Laurenson, Blue Octopus’s Operations Director, explains the company’s modern approach to hiring and making the candidates’ data work for them – and not somebody else. What makes Blue Octopus special in the recruitment industry? Blue Octopus is an award-winning online recruitment company with a modern approach to hiring – one that

Felicia Yap on iDiaries and our online memory delusions

In Felicia Yap’s speculative world of ‘Yesterday’ , people’s short-term memories are finite – so everyone records their daily experiences on electronic diaries. The Guardian’s Rising Star for Fiction 2017 chats to Aphaia Blog about our online memory delusions. The EU law, including General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) , grants individuals the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ,

Dating psychologist Madeleine Mason on data privacy in dating industry

We discussed privacy with Madeleine Mason MBPsS, director of dating expert company PassionSmiths, organiser of the UK Dating Fair and Founder of the Dating Industry Professionals Network (DIPN).

GDPR Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience

We discussed GDPR cyber security aspects with Richard Preece, co-author of Managing Cybersecurity Risk – How Directors and Corporate Officers can protect their businesses, and Jean-Christophe Gaillard, a senior executive and team builder with a track-record at driving fundamental change in the security field across global organisations.

R&B artist Chrycee on social media privacy and online copyright

Known as the Beautiful Dreamer, Chrycee provides insight into online copyright from a recording artist’s perspective and shares with Aphaia some good practices on social media privacy.

Neuroscientist Araceli Camargo on Brain Privacy

From cloud privacy to IoT privacy, we worry about data protection in relation to our use of tech. How about personal information in our brain? Can we continue to enjoy brain privacy?

SharpEnd Agency , leaders in IoT adoption by top brands

Cameron Worth, SharpEnd Agency’s founder, talks to Aphaia’s Vasiliki Antoniadou about the Internet of Things (IoT), shedding light on brand and consumer benefits, privacy concerns, and future developments in the area.

Interview with Chi Onwurah MP: “European regulators need to be more robust in setting key message for competition in NGA”

Chi Onwurah is the UK Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, and is a board member of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. Ms Onwurah spoke to Aphaia's Boštjan Makarovič about the future of telecoms regulation and Next Generation Access networks.