Tag: Climate Change

Tag: Climate Change

Regulatory case law, September 2015: atmospheric pollution and reimbursement of government licences

In September the ECJ ruled on refusal to grant reimbursement of telecoms licences and the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Monthly roundup, May 2015: agriculture and climate change, cookies and eCall

From not giving agriculture a free pass in climate change, to EU cookie rules and the new eCall automatic dialing system to be installed in all new European cars - this is what was happening in May.

Monthly Roundup, December 2014: climate talks in Peru and recycling electronics

A new climate agreement is reached in Lima, the EU Digital Agenda highlights its past year, and people are recycling their old electronics.

Monthly roundup, November 2014: Right to be Forgotten should apply worldwide and Net Neutrality should be protected

The EU wants worldwide Right to be Forgotten, and Obama is very busy with Net Neutrality and US-China climate agreement.

Can Tesla save the electric car future? US$5 billion to challenge the petrol engine lock-in

The Tesla Motors Nevada car battery plant plan raises broader questions as to the future of cars and electricity.

Obama’s climate change treaty to circumvent Congress in time for 2015 UN climate talks

The U.S. is reportedly planning to forge a politically binding climate change agreement to cut world carbon emissions.

EU regulatory case law: January 2014

This issue of Aphaia's new monthly series on EU regulatory case law features the summary of the latest European regulatory case law from January 2014 in the field of information society, competition and environment.

Infographic: Sustainability – the what and why

Beginning today is the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2013. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are of key importance to address the major energy challenges facing the European Union today. But do you actually know what all the buzzwords connected with sustainability mean?

Monthly Round Up: May 2013

The possible end for EU roaming charges and a guarantee of net neutrality, the questionable independence of the Estonian telecoms regulator, the wide gap between US and EU mobile networks and more than 400ppm of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere, all in the news this May.

Protecting and improving Europe’s natural capital via green infrastructure

The EU has recently adopted a new strategy for encouraging green infrastructure and for ensuring that the enhancement of natural processes becomes a systematic part of European spatial planning. But why exactly is green infrastructure and why is it important?