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Intellectual Property

Lloyd v Google

Vasiliki Antoniadou explains the Lloyd v Google case: The “damage” requirement in a compensation claim for personal data breach The High Court of Justice issued earlier this month an interesting decision in respect of data breach litigation in the frame of the Lloyd v Google case. The ruling clarified that compensation for infringement of personal

Managing tech startup intangibles : a regulatory and legal guide

Aphaia’s blog editor Vasiliki Antoniadou and founder Dr Bostjan Makarovic explore tech startups intangibles from intellectual property (IP) to personal data in our latest White Paper that is now available for free in Aphaia Knowledge Centre.

Proposed EU Digital Single Market copyright filtering for online services

Voices have been raised with regard to the proposed EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market Article 13, which imposes a new obligation on service providers that is seen by many as a copyright filtering technique for user-created content. Aphaia Blog editor Vasiliki Antoniadou explores what it entails.

EU portability for online content services deal

Data related to online services is becoming easier to port in the Single Market. After EU GDPR personal data portability rules, the EU Council and the Parliament achieved a landmark agreement on the EU portability for online content subscriptions as part of copyrights reform.

Software startup intellectual property

In tech hubs from London’s Silicon Roundabout to Barcelona, IT entrepreneurs get involved in tech startups to create appealing new software to accompany people in every aspect of their lives. Aphaia’s blog editor Vasiliki Antoniadou explores

Startup trademark strategy

It is never too soon to start planning your startup’s intellectual property strategy. IP rights are often considered as the most valuable asset of a company. Aphaia’s Vasiliki Antoniadou explores how startup trademark strategy should look like.

R&B artist Chrycee on social media privacy and online copyright

Known as the Beautiful Dreamer, Chrycee provides insight into online copyright from a recording artist’s perspective and shares with Aphaia some good practices on social media privacy.

SharpEnd Agency , leaders in IoT adoption by top brands

Cameron Worth, SharpEnd Agency’s founder, talks to Aphaia’s Vasiliki Antoniadou about the Internet of Things (IoT), shedding light on brand and consumer benefits, privacy concerns, and future developments in the area.

EU copyright reform : what is new?

Copyright lawyer Vasiliki Antoniadou explores for Aphaia blog what is the impact of the proposed EU copyright reform on the Digital Single Market.

EU Trade Secrets Directive for ICT businesses

The new EU Trade Secrets Directive 2016/943 provides EU-wide essential protection against the unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure of trade secrets. So what is in there for European ICT businesses?