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The AEPD releases guidance on biometric data and GDPR

The AEPD has released guidance on biometric data to help controllers to securely process this data pursuant to the GDPR. Biometric data may have a significant degree of intrusiveness on the privacy of individuals and, if not properly processed, it may also involve high risks to their rights and freedoms. According to the AEPD, elements

International Data Protection Committee established by Danish DPA

An international data protection committee has been established by the Danish DPA to protect Danish interests regarding international data protection.   The Danish DPA has established a special committee with the aim of giving the Authority’s stakeholders more and better insight into the international data protection work done by the Data Inspectorate. It will also

Record EU GDPR fine repealed by Amazon

Amazon has repealed the record EU GDPR fine on the basis that there was no data breach.   In July, we reported that Amazon was facing a possible fine for alleged GDPR violations totalling €350 million. According to this Bloomberg report, Amazon is now repealing this fine, which stands at €746 million. The CNPD, Luxembourg’s privacy watchdog hit

Halifax-based company fined by the ICO

A Halifax-based company fined by the ICO was found to have been making unlawful pension calls.  A Halifax-based company, Parker Beach LTD (PBL) has been fined by the ICO, a total of £50,000 for unlawful cold calls regarding pensions, according to this report from the ICO. The ICO’s investigation revealed that the company, which operates

TikTok fined by Dutch DPA

TikTok fined by Dutch DPA for failure to provide translated information to users The video sharing social networking app TikTok was recently fined by the Dutch DPA, according to this report from the EDPB. Upon investigation into apps typically used by minors, it was discovered that the information provided when installing the app (including the

Children’s Code transitionary period ends in less than 6 months

The children’s code transitionary period, which saw its inception on 2nd September 2020, ends in less than 6 months. All online services are expected to be in compliance with this code by September 2021.  Last year, we reported that the Children’s Code, then known as the Age Appropriate Design Code was about to come into

A data broking investigation by ICO results in enforcement action against Experian.

A data broking investigation conducted over the past two years has resulted in an enforcement action against the company Experian.   A data broking investigation into Experian as well as Equifax and TransUnion and their use of personal data within their data broken businesses has resulted in enforcement action. The ICO published a report earlier

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Data Protection.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and Data Protection: Guidelines for employers regarding privacy laws during the pandemic. With recent developments in the global arena, the outbreak of the corona virus has led to many changes in the workplace. Numerous employees have taken to working from home with the new push for social distancing and self quarantining.

Employer/ Employee relations : A GDPR perspective

Today’s blog provides an overview of the GDPR’s expectations regarding employer/employee relations; specifically in terms of company policies on communication and security. If you work or have worked in the corporate world then you’re no stranger to the fact that in order to protect the organization, most companies have in place internal policies and procedures

ICO takes action against 34 organisations

ICO takes action for failure to pay new data protection fee The ICO has taken action against 34 organisations that have failed to pay the new data protection fee. The data protection regulator has sent notices of its intent to fine the organisations unless they pay and for those who don’t pay, they could face