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Monthly Round Up

Monthly roundup, November 2015: Net Neutrality and personal data online

This past November: new EU Net Neutrality law is published, discussions on Safe Harbor and protection of personal data online continue.

Monthly roundup, October 2015: from Uber to law and funding for startups

This past October: an upcoming Aphaia workshop on law & funding for startups, and Uber's court case over a taxi app.

Monthly roundup, September 2015: not to miss privacy workshop for startups

In September; Aphaia workshop for all startups on privacy and data regulation announced, October 7th, London.

Monthly roundup, August 2015: Sharing data between EU and US, privacy and data protection

This past August: our CSR app to turn your costs into benefits, and an important change closer than ever - sharing data between EU and US.

Monthy roundup, July 2015: Aphaia’s CSR app and IP workshops

In July: Aphaia announces its CSR App and partners with Queen Mary University of London to deliver IP workshops.

Monthy roundup, June 2015: privacy and data protection examined

In June the main focus was privacy and data protection: from Big Data, to EU data rules and businesses owning data - more in the podcast!

Monthly roundup, May 2015: agriculture and climate change, cookies and eCall

From not giving agriculture a free pass in climate change, to EU cookie rules and the new eCall automatic dialing system to be installed in all new European cars - this is what was happening in May.

Monthy roundup, April 2015: Google antitrust suit and information on illegal downloaders

China to top US. as biggest cause of modern #globalwarming: http://t.co/OSMFVfNyln #climatechange #greenhousegas — Aphaia (@AphaiaEvropa) April 23, 2015 #Antitrust: EU says #Google hurt competitors in Internet search, launches #Android investigation #competition http://t.co/G6qlqQUqvq — Aphaia (@AphaiaEvropa) April 15, 2015 USA and divided #climatechange beliefs by state: http://t.co/6jEJAjHHsz #map #Yale #ClimateChangeCommunication — Aphaia (@AphaiaEvropa) April 24,

Monthly roundup, February 2015: USA votes for Net Neutrality, renewable energy gets cheaper

In February the USA voted for strong support of Net Neutrality and the cost of renewable energy decreased.

Monthly Roundup, January 2015: climate change into danger zone, free internet for Africa and the Californian draught

Read about bringing free internet to Africa, the devastating draught in California and Slovenia's 22% share of renewable electrical energy.