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Aphaia delivers a presentation on the new EU AI Act and the GDPR on 42Workspace in Rotterdam

Aphaia has opened its new office at 42Workspace in Rotterdam and had the chance to deliver the presentation “EU AI Act with GDPR fundamentals” to the Rotterdam tech community on 5th June.   42Workspace is the tech coworking space in Rotterdam, comprising a community of more than 40 startups and scale-ups providing digital services in

Right to be forgotten: how unfit data deletion protocol resulted in a fine from Dutch DPA

A company was fined by the Dutch Data Protection Agency for failure to delete data after receiving such requests, thereby violating individuals’ right to be forgotten under the GDPR.   The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) has imposed a fine of 6,000 euros on a recruitment company. The company was fined for failing to delete

The ICO issues guidance on personal data transfers to the US under UK GDPR

The ICO issues guidance aiming to support organisations conducting personal data transfers to the US using an Article 46 UK GDPR mechanism to those organisations that are not self-certified under the UK Extension to the EU-US DPF.    Transferring personal information across borders has become a crucial aspect of our interconnected world. In the digital

Fine imposed for unsecured website

Fine imposed for unsecured website for registration of new orthodontic patients.    Patient personal data was found to be at risk, including citizen service numbers, when an orthodontic practice allowed new patients to sign up via an unsecured website. According to this report, several fields of mandatory personal information were captured on an unsecured connection.