Tag: Sustainability

Tag: Sustainability

Regulatory case law, December 2014: waste management, green electricity and dominant position in mobile telephony

In December 2014 the ECJ ruled on privacy in recording public spaces, dominant positions in telecoms, and green electricity.

Monthly Roundup, December 2014: climate talks in Peru and recycling electronics

A new climate agreement is reached in Lima, the EU Digital Agenda highlights its past year, and people are recycling their old electronics.

How Christmassy does chocolate taste for cocoa farmers?

Supply chain conditions largely determine how christmassy your chocolates purchase feels for cocoa farmers.

Generation Awake: An EU campaign to promote resource efficiency, including electronics

Generation Awake is an EU campaign promoting a resource-efficient Europe, turning waste into a resource.

EU regulatory case law, September 2014: telecoms operators’ tax on establishments and the Flemish green energy certificate

Should telecoms operators pay tax on establishments, and can States provide incentives for domestic green electricity?

CSR Mandate in India – Rebranding CSR to improve India Inc.’s willingness to pay

India has mandated a CSR legislation, making her the first country to attempt at enforcing social spending and reporting.

Monthly roundup, September 2014: A smartphone-only sidewalk and Net Neutrality by Jimmy Kimmel

This past September: enforcing the right to be forgotten and Net Neutrality explained with a VHS tape and two guys in shorts.

Can Tesla save the electric car future? US$5 billion to challenge the petrol engine lock-in

The Tesla Motors Nevada car battery plant plan raises broader questions as to the future of cars and electricity.

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Obama’s climate change treaty to circumvent Congress in time for 2015 UN climate talks

The U.S. is reportedly planning to forge a politically binding climate change agreement to cut world carbon emissions.