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Google was fined by the AEPD and ordered to come into compliance after Lumen Project data transfers

Google was fined by the AEPD and ordered to come into compliance after  GDPR violations relating to Lumen Project data transfers.    The AEPD has issued a decision in the case against Google LLC, which states that the company has committed two very serious GDPR violations. The Spanish Data Protection Agency decided to impose a

Google reprimanded by Belgian SA

Google was reprimanded by the Belgian SA due to lack of transparency concerning a request to have articles delisted.   This recent decision by the Belgian SA concerns a lawyer who was previously disbarred less than 10 years ago, who had requested that articles and information concerning his disbarment be delisted. The complainant currently works

Privacy class action lawsuit against Google halted by UK Supreme Court

A privacy class action lawsuit against Google has been halted by the UK Supreme Court as claimant is unable to prove damage to affected users.   A billion dollar class action lawsuit against tech giant Google has been denied by the UK Supreme Court. The case, originally filed by Richard Lloyd, on behalf of a

Google and Amazon fined: CNIL has fined the two major companies for unlawful cookies.

Google and Amazon, fined by CNIL of France, for placing cookies on users’ computers without getting prior consent or giving satisfactory information. The CNIL reported last week that both companies have been sanctioned, for their misuse of cookies which breached the French Data Protection Act. Following several investigations from December 12th 2019 to May 19th

Google Wins landmark privacy case on right to be forgotten

Judges at the Court of Justice of the European Union this week ruled that Google does not have to apply the GDPR’s right to be forgotten globally.   On Tuesday September 24th, in what is being lauded as a landmark privacy case, Luxembourg-based judges said operators of a search engine are not required to carry

Monthly roundup, November 2014: Right to be Forgotten should apply worldwide and Net Neutrality should be protected

The EU wants worldwide Right to be Forgotten, and Obama is very busy with Net Neutrality and US-China climate agreement.

EU Court Google judgement: not so much a landmark decision

The EU Court Google judgement on data protection is one of those decisions stating the obvious, yet still causing a stir.

EU regulatory case law, May 2014: Google found responsible for processing of personal data in case C-131/12

Read about, among other, case C-131/12 against Google, where the search operator was found responsible for the processing of personal data on web pages. For a more detailed analysis of the judgement, check out the article 'EU Court Google judgement: not so much a landmark decision' from Aphaia's Chief Consultant Dr Bostjan Makarovic.

Monthly Round Up: December 2013

In the news at the end of 2013: Europe to reduce air pollution, BEREC adopts its work programme for next year, we found out what we googled in 2013 and the percentage of European enterprises that use social media, and the world's leading technology companies unite to demand changes to US surveillance laws.

Google accused of unlawfully tracking users, wants to avoid UK courts

Google is arguing that a lawsuit over its British users’ privacy should be handled in US courts.