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Tag: Aphaia

Aphaia delivers a presentation on the new EU AI Act and the GDPR on 42Workspace in Rotterdam

Aphaia has opened its new office at 42Workspace in Rotterdam and had the chance to deliver the presentation “EU AI Act with GDPR fundamentals” to the Rotterdam tech community on 5th June.   42Workspace is the tech coworking space in Rotterdam, comprising a community of more than 40 startups and scale-ups providing digital services in

A year of Data Protection Law: 2023 review

Over the course of this year, there have been several significant advancements in the world of data protection across the EU and the UK. In this article, we will present some of the major milestones of 2023.   In early 2023, CNIL reminded organizations to stay updated on data protection laws and adapt practices to

Aphaia is a guest speaker in the webinar event on smart cities organised by the Queen Mary University of London

Aphaia delivered a presentation on AI and data protection at the webinar event on smart cities organised by the QMUL CCLS Association.   Aphaia was invited as a guest speaker in a Focus Group Discussion on the Implementation of Human Rights and Civil Rights in Smart Cities to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals, organised by the

Aphaia attends the Digital Transformation Summit

Aphaia attended the Digital Transformation Summit, which was held 24-27th October in Madeira (Portugal).   The Digital Transformation Summit was organised by UNINOVA and took place on 24-27th October in the Savoy Palace Hotel in Madeira, in a four-day, all-day event. More than 300 attendants had the chance to discuss the EU’s Digital strategy and

Recent preliminary ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union interprets net neutrality rules for the first time.

Recent preliminary ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union, taken in relation to a decision against Telenor Telecommunications company, interprets net neutrality rules for the first time.   The CJEU issued their preliminary ruling after the Hungarian National Media and Communication Office found the ‘zero tariff’ packages offered by  Telenor, an internet

Can AI Help Prevent COVID-19?

Can AI help prevent COVID-19? Can it be used to predict or detect outbreaks, and would this be ethical? Can AI help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Recently, we released an article on the technological initiatives being put in place across Europe to help control the spread of the novel COVID-19. In our latest vlog

The UK’s ICO Releases Statement on Data Protection and Brexit Implementation.

The ICO has released a statement on the implementation of Brexit and the implications on data protection. On January 31, 2020, the UK officially left the European Union and entered a Brexit Transition Period, which runs through December 2020. Prior to that, on January 29th, the UK’s ICO released a statement on the implications of

Japan GDPR adequacy

Japan GDPR adequacy to create the world’s largest area of safe data flows With a successful conclusion to their talks on reciprocal adequacy, the EU and Japan have agreed to recognise each other’s data protection systems as ‘equivalent’, which will allow data to flow safely between the EU and Japan. Each side will now launch its

Monthly roundup, September 2015: not to miss privacy workshop for startups

In September; Aphaia workshop for all startups on privacy and data regulation announced, October 7th, London.

Monthy roundup, July 2015: Aphaia’s CSR app and IP workshops

In July: Aphaia announces its CSR App and partners with Queen Mary University of London to deliver IP workshops.