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Privacy and ethical concerns of social media

Privacy and ethical concerns have become more relevant in social media due to the prevalence of “explore”, “discover” or “for you” tabs and pages.   “Discover” pages on social media deliver content that the app thinks that the user would likely be interested in. This is based on several factors including user interactions, video information,

Aphaia attends Third Stakeholder Forum on Digitising European Industry

The forum was focused on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation Hubs. Third Stakeholder Forum on Digitising European Industry took place in Madrid from the 13th to the 15th of November 2019. It brought together more than 600 attendees and 50 panellists who addressed topics like the opportunities that the AI offers to the European market

Aphaia at South Summit 2019!

Aphaia attended the 2019 South Summit in Madrid, Spain. South Summit 2019 took place last week in La Nave, Madrid (Spain). South Summit is an innovation and investing event that has been held annually since 2013. South Summit provides startups, investors and corporations seeking to improve their global competitiveness with the chance to connect and

Aphaia attends FOAN2019

8th International conference on Fiber Optics in Access Networks (FOAN2019) was held 2-4 September on Swissotel, Sarajevo. More than 60 talks were delivered by the most top professionals in the Telecoms field, including people from Industry, Academy, Government and Regulatory Agencies during FOAN2019. The event brought together attendees from all around the world, from southern and

Aphaia innovation summit

The Aphaia team came together in London for the annual summer summit, which took place on Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th June. The two days were filled with a variety of sessions/discussions focusing on our operations and services. The sessions were informative and allowed the team to openly discuss strategy and take a view on our

Aphaia delivers its first data protection workshop in Madrid

The workshop took place at Aphaia’s premises and it was focus on privacy, cybersecurity and data protection. Taking advantage of the first GDPR anniversary, Aphaia decided to deliver a workshop to share our experience with other businesses that may be struggling with data protection issues. Even though GDPR came into force in 2018, Aphaia has

Aphaia at T3chfest 2019

T3chfest is one of the most important tech events in Spain and Aphaia was delighted to attend T3chfest 2019 took place last week at University Carlos III of Madrid. It is a programming and technology event that has been held annually since 2013 and it is addressed to students, companies and technology enthusiasts. All of

GDPR LGPD webinar by Felsberg and Aphaia

The alignment between Brazil and EU is crucial for businesses who wish to send the data between the two jurisdictions. Aphaia and Felsberg have come together to deliver a GDPR LGPD webinar, that will deal with the main differences between the GDPR and the LGPD, in the case that the adoption of the bill of law brings into force the Brazilian General Data Protection Law

Comparison between new LOPD and GDPR

Key differences between Spanish Data Protection Law and GDPR Spanish Data Protection Law (hereinafter, LOPD 2018) came into force on December 6th  and Aphaia has analysed it in order to highlight how it differs from the GDPR, whilst  identifying the main provisions made for how GDPR applies in Spain. Deceased persons While GDPR states that

Aphaia at Web Summit 2018!

This week Aphaia attended Web Summit 2018. Web Summit is a technology conference, which has been held annually since 2009. After several months of being immersed neck deep in GDPR compliance to support startups that are spicing up the European tech scene, we enjoyed the privilege and pleasure of attending the 2018 Web Summit Lisbon,