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Telecommunications law

EU approves emergency measures for children’s protection

Temporary emergency measures for children’s protection have just been adopted by European Parliament.   Temporary emergency measures for children’s protection were adopted by European Parliament on July 6th. This regulation will allow electronic communication service providers to scan private online messages containing any display of child sex abuse. The European Commission reported that almost 4

The ICO Imposed the Maximum fine of £500,000 on Scottish Company, CRDNN Ltd for Automated Nuisance Calls.

The ICO has recently imposed the maximum fine of £500,000 on a Scottish company, CRDNN Ltd for making nearly 200 million automated nuisance calls. After receiving over 3000 complaints about CRDNN Ltd, formerly known as Contact Reach Digital Ltd, the ICO launched an investigation which resulted in a fine of £500,000 for unlawful marketing in

Gmail is not telecommunications, rules ECJ

To the relief of Europe’s tech community, European Court of Justice rules that Gmail is not electronic communications service and does not fall under the EU regulatory framework for telecommunications. European regulatory Framework on electronic communications (or telecommunications) imposes a number of public law rights and obligations on the providers of services that consist ‘wholly

5G Privacy Risks addressed by the European Commission

Commission Recommendation on Cybersecurity of 5G networks sets an action plan for the Member States. We explore the main sources of 5G privacy risks. According to Commission Recommendation on Cybersecurity of 5G networks, EU Member States should by the 30th June 2019 carry out a risk assessment of 5G network infrastructure, including identifying the most

5G expansion privacy risks

The expansion of 5G mobile technology around the world promises to bring faster downloads and quicker network response times. But also a lot more concerns about privacy. In the USA 5G will allow for the possibility of more-precise location tracking, as well as the opportunity to collect vast amounts of additional personal data. Unfortunately, due

Aphaia OTT regulation and net neutrality project in Bahrain

Aphaia is proud to work with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the topics of OTT regulation and net neutrality.

Review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services

I explored to what extent the new European Electronic Communications Code delivers on the promises of a Digital Single Market.