Tag: Environment

Tag: Environment

Regulatory case law, September 2015: atmospheric pollution and reimbursement of government licences

In September the ECJ ruled on refusal to grant reimbursement of telecoms licences and the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Regulatory case law, July 2015: obligations of the Water Framework Directive and prudent private investors

The ECJ annuls a Commission telecoms decision and rules on the deepening of a navigable river.

Monthy roundup, July 2015: Aphaia’s CSR app and IP workshops

In July: Aphaia announces its CSR App and partners with Queen Mary University of London to deliver IP workshops.

Regulatory case law, April 2015: use of biometric data and disputes between telecoms providers

In April the European Court of Justice ruled on the use of biometric data for purposes other than the issue of passports.

Regulatory case law, March 2015: broadcasting sports online, reduced VAT in electronic books and action against an NRA

The European Court of Justice ruled on broadcasting sports online, reduced VAT in electronic books, and taking action against a decision of the NRA.

Regulatory case law, December 2014: waste management, green electricity and dominant position in mobile telephony

In December 2014 the ECJ ruled on privacy in recording public spaces, dominant positions in telecoms, and green electricity.

Monthly Roundup, December 2014: climate talks in Peru and recycling electronics

A new climate agreement is reached in Lima, the EU Digital Agenda highlights its past year, and people are recycling their old electronics.

Generation Awake: An EU campaign to promote resource efficiency, including electronics

Generation Awake is an EU campaign promoting a resource-efficient Europe, turning waste into a resource.

Monthly roundup, October 2014: CaseForGreen, Hungarian Internet tax and Google’s privacy guidelines from the EU

This October in the news: Hungary does not like the proposed Internet tax and Google gets privacy guidelines.

EU regulatory case law, September 2014: telecoms operators’ tax on establishments and the Flemish green energy certificate

Should telecoms operators pay tax on establishments, and can States provide incentives for domestic green electricity?