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Final decision on Meta Platforms delayed by Irish DPC

The Irish DPC has been forced to delay its final decision on Meta Platforms’ use of SCCs for international data transfers.    Despite several threats from the company Meta Platforms to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe due to concerns over the use of Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for cross-border data transfers, this may

Facebook cookie injunction has been dropped

CNIL has recently lifted an injunction placed on Facebook last December, regarding the company’s use of cookies.     Last December, CNIL ordered Facebook Ireland Limited to allow the use of facebook.com by users in France, in a manner that allows these users to refuse having cookies deposited on their device, just as easily as they

Meta considers EU shut down

Meta considers EU shut down in the absence of a framework for the storage of EU data on US servers.   Representatives from Meta have spoken up about the possibility of the company having to shut down Instagram and Facebook services in the EU, unless a framework is implemented which allows them to store EU

Facebook View sunglasses questioned by Irish and Italian authorities

Facebook View sunglasses questioned by the Irish and Italian authorities, regarding whether they effectively notify data subjects that they are being recorded.     A new product by Facebook in collaboration with Ray Ban, is now coming under question by European data protection authorities. The product, called “Facebook View” was introduced to the general public

Case between Schrems and Facebook intensifies as further questions are raised

Case between Schrems and Facebook intensifies as questions are forwarded from Austrian Supreme Court to CJEU.   Austrian lawyer and activist, Maximilian Schrems is once again making headlines, as Austrian Supreme Court accepted his request to refer key questions regarding his Facebook case to the CJEU. The focal point of this privacy case is Schrems

Facebook and WhatsApp data sharing requires further investigation, says EDPB

Further investigations are  required by the Irish Supervisory Authority before making a final decision regarding Facebook processing WhatsApp user data.    The EDPB had adopted an urgent binding decision pursuant to Article 66 of the GDPR, requiring the Irish Supervisory Authority to carry out an investigation, rather than taking final measures, following a recent change

Facebook loses challenge as court rules in favor of DPC

Facebook loses challenge as court rules in favor of DPC’s draft decision for an inquiry and suspension of Facebook’s data transfers to the US.  Following the Schrems II judgement of last July, the Irish Data Protection Commission, launched an inquiry into Facebook Ireland Ltd, and suspended the company’s EU-US data flows. Facebook disagreed with, and

Facebook data leak affects over half a billion users worldwide

Facebook data leak results in the personal information of over half a billion users being made available publicly and free of charge.    Facebook has recently been implicated in a massive data leak affecting over a half a billion users, as reported by Business Insider earlier this month. The personal data leaked was gathered during

The next update to iOS could significantly impact targeted advertising on free apps.

The next update to iOS has created friction between Apple and advertising giants like Facebook which rely on targeted ads for revenue.    The next update to iOS, initially announced last summer, will force app developers to explicitly seek permission to access the phone’s unique identifier known as the IDFA. This update is expected early

German court: Facebook data practices breach competition law.

German court: Facebook data practices breach competition law due to its data collection practices from its suite of apps and through external websites.   Germany strikes Facebook’s business model as the German Competition Authority  has launched an inquiry into the data collection practices of the social media and data collection giant with their local court.