Tag: COVID-19

Tag: COVID-19

CNIL opinion on health passes

CNIL opinion on health passes for COVID-19 vaccination and screening, touching on several aspects of its implementation and use.    Since the world’s introduction into this COVID-19 health crisis, well over a year ago, there have been various measures implemented to facilitate people working, socializing, and living what can be considered a “normal” life. In

Ireland’s DPC issues guidance on vaccination statuses in the context of employment

Ireland’s DPC issues guidance on the collection of data regarding vaccination statuses  in the context of employment.    As the world slowly opens up again, and employees are being encouraged, in certain industries to move back into the workplace setting, employers are seeking guidance on what approach is best taken with regard to employee vaccination

CNIL authorizes experimental concert in Paris

CNIL authorizes experimental concert in Paris after a request for authorization, due to the processing of sensitive data.    As governments worldwide endeavour to reopen and boost economies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, attempts are being made at hosting mass crowd events, something which has been disallowed in many countries since the start of the

The CNIL issues it’s opinion on vaccine passes for mass gatherings

The CNIL issues it’s opinion on the implementation and use of vaccine passes for admittance to mass crowd events in France.     As the world aims to resume somewhat normal activity during the global COVID-19 pandemic, France is considering the use of the vaccine passes or  green passes for admission to mass gatherings of at

COVID-19 travel certificates questioned by Italian DPA

COVID-19 travel certificates launch in the EU soon, however the Italian DPA has pointed out some issues that need critical attention before the rollout.    This summer, COVID-19 travel certificates or “vaccine passports” will be rolled out throughout the EU, with the official launch of this scheduled for the end of June. The majority of

Digital Green Certificates: the EDPB and EDPS release a joint opinion

Digital Green Certificates have been a topic of debate lately, and the EDPB & EDPS have released a joint opinion on this, regarding data protection and privacy. Digital Green Certificates, which some refer to as “vaccine passports” are, contrary to popular belief, not specific to vaccines. In actuality, the digital green certificates or passes, as

Two companies fined by the ICO, for sending millions of nuisance text messages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ICO has issued fines to two companies for over 2.7 million spam messages sent out during the pandemic.    Between May and July, 2020, two companies sent out a total of 2.7 million spam text messages in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in several thousand complaints, including a record 10,000

CNIL provides further guidance on collection of personal data by employers in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

CNIL provides further guidance in the context of the global pandemic, on the collection of personal data by employers. In the context of the health crisis brought on by the spread of the coronavirus, many authorities and organisations have been providing as much help and guidance to relevant agents, in navigating the current situation and

EDPS guidance on temperature checks during the COVID-19 pandemic

Temperature checks during COVID-19, the global health crisis, have become a necessary part of the continuity of general affairs. The EDPS has released guidance to help institutions in navigating this sphere keeping the privacy of the individual at the forefront.   Due to the COVID-19 situation many of the European Union members have implemented several

Business adaptation to COVID-19 and Data Privacy

The measures businesses have taken to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis are unlikely to be temporary, which includes the consequences for personal data processing operations. In this article, I have gathered some key insights from various industry players and experts, and reconciled them with my own industry observations and the observations of the wider Aphaia