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Tag: Boštjan Makarovič
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Monthly Roundup, May 2014: Aphaia at FTTx Summit Europe

This past May: Aphaia's Chief Consultant Dr Bostjan Makarovic spoke at the FTTx Summit in London about innovative views on superfast broadband policy and regulation. Naturally, we tweeted the whole event for you - read what was said at the conference after the jump.

Aphaia at the 2014 London FTTx Summit Europe – speaker Dr Bostjan Makarovic

At the FTTx Summit Europe that is taking place this week in London, Aphaia's Chief Consultant Bostjan Makarovic will be presenting innovative views on superfast broadband policy and regulation. Find out how Boštjan thinks Europe can retake the global lead in fixed telecoms after the jump.

Another review of the European Commission Relevant Markets Recommendation – from economic regulation to dogma?

In 2003, European Commission believed there were 18 relevant telecoms product markets susceptible for ex ante regulation across Europe. In 2007, the number went down to 7. We are now to be left with only 4 relevant markets. Is this a true reflection of a gradual shift to a fully competitive market for electronic communications

Corporate Social Responsibility: it works, but do we know to measure how?

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is meant to function as a self-regulating mechanism of companies that ensures their compliance with the spirit of ethical standards and, not to a lesser degree, endears them to their customers; but is really that simple and how do we measure its effect on what people are buying?

Big Data and Mobile Commerce – Aphaia webinar

Missed Aphaia's live webinar 'Big Data and Mobile Commerce: What it Means for Privacy and Data Protection at BrightTalk? No worries - check out the webcast of the webinar and stay up to date on how big data and mobile tie in with data protection.

Is big data coupled with mobile location undermining the fundamentals of the EU data protection regime?

There have been many voices saying that privacy is dead, as it is so easy to breach: content-rich transactions and social media data trail combined with our mobile location makes us an easy target for profiling and other types of privacy intrusion. The question is therefore automatically raised: how does data protection regulation apply to

Facebook sued for mining private messages – is online privacy really dead?

Facebook has been hit with a class-action lawsuit over claims it monitors its users' private messages, selling the data collected to advertisers.

Are consumers willing to pay the sustainability premium? Latest Apahia study

Have you ever wondered if it pays to source cocoa and coffee in a sustainable way? In Aphaia we asked ourselves the exact same question and have prepared a white paper on whether consumers are indeed willing to pay a sustainability premium. Find out more in this article and see how you can buy the

Aphaia in Delo: commitments would lower the selling price of Telekom Slovenije

Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Dr Boštjan Makarovič reviewed for the Delo newspaper the proposal by the Slovene Minister of education, science and sport Jernej Pikalo to introduce to the purchase contract of the Slovene incumbent operator Telekom Slovenije a provision stating that any potential buyers must further develop the operator.

Anonymous online comments the responsibility of website they are published on?

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that a news website is responsible for its users’ defamatory comments. The judgement comes in the case of Delfi SA v. Estonia.