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Aphaia attends the Digital Transformation Summit

Aphaia attends the Digital Transformation Summit

Aphaia attended the Digital Transformation Summit, which was held 24-27th October in Madeira (Portugal).


The Digital Transformation Summit was organised by UNINOVA and took place on 24-27th October in the Savoy Palace Hotel in Madeira, in a four-day, all-day event. More than 300 attendants had the chance to discuss the EU’s Digital strategy and share their thoughts on how to achieve the visionary objectives at European and regional levels.


The agenda and the topics


The European Commission set out the vision for Europe’s Digital Decade by 2030 proposing the Digital Compass, built around four pillars: Government, Infrastructures, Skills and Businesses. For the purposes of discussing needs, expectations, developments and innovative solutions in this context, the Madeira’s Digital Transformation Summit brought together experts and representatives from the European Commission, Government, Academia and the Industry.


A wide range of digital transformation areas was covered, mainly Health, Manufacturing, Maritime, Smart Cities and Energy industries. Solutions and challenges were presented both at technical side, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big data and Cybersecurity and at societal level including Digital Literacy, Skills and Social Inclusion.


Aphaia’s participation


Aphaia was invited to deliver two presentations. One of the presentations was named “The world of data and information versus the world of privacy and security” and it was offered as part of the discussion panel called “Societal Challenges for Digital Transition”, moderated by Tal Soffer, Director of Technology and Society Foresight Unit and the Web Supported Academic Instruction Center, Tel Aviv University. The other presentation was called “Legal data protection: eat that frog (and bon appétit!)”, included within the “Cybersecurity and Data Protection” space and moderated by Isaac Ben-Israel – Chairman of Israel Space Agency and Head of Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, Tel Aviv University.


Social events


Participants enjoyed a number of lunches, dinners and social events which brought the island’s essence to the event and allowed attendees to boost their network.


We are very grateful to UNINOVA to have invited us to participate in this unique discussion forum together with policy makers, authorities, industry and researchers and we hope to keep collaborating together in upcoming projects and contribute to the digital transformation in Europe.  


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